by Ellen Yeon Kim

instigated and produced by Lisa Gutcher and Shaun Motsi


Vivi Abelson

Andreas Amble

Amir Askari

Nooshin Askari

Jiwomn Lee

Lisa Gutscher

Samantha Lasko

Shaun Motsi

Lachlan Petras

James Sturkey

Saturday February 10th, 20h

at Privateoffspace, Münchener Str. 38, Frankfurt am Main

Lorettes, grisettes, and girls of the town had come there in the hope of finding a protector, a lover, a gold coin, or simply for the pleasure of dancing; and their dresses, with tunics of water-green, cherry-red, or violet, swept along, fluttered between the ebony-trees and the lilacs. Nearly all the men’s clothes were of striped materiality; some of them had white trousers, in spite of the coolness of the evening. The gas was lighted. —Sentimental Education by Gustave Flaubert