One way of getting rid of temporality

One way of getting rid of temporality is through repetition. Is each new iteration of a thing a new thing or simply a repetition of the previous one? Are they to be clearly separated or put together in addition or division as many things or just one? Is this a spatial thing now or a mathematical one? You figure it out! They say we don’t count! Obsessive compulsion. Stay in the now. Memory works like drops on a window or dust in a cloud. The father, the son and the holy housecleaner.

–Karl Holmqvist

DAVID MOSER – Memorial Drawings, 2020

permanent marker 3000 on grid DIN A4 paper, fire resistant oversized snap frame, each 62 x 87 cm

DAVID MOSER – Bodies, 2020/2021

BODY 14 (Escalated Desire)

BODY 93 (Nom-du-Père) (Name-des-Vaters)

BODY 18 + 20 (Desire as a Symptom)

acrylic DIN A 4 displays, cross-head screws, signatures, number stickers

DAVID MOSER – Wipe Out with Wite•Out and Cover the Holes, 2020/2021

grid DIN A4 paper , Wite•Out (American equivalent for Tipex-Ex®, Swarovski crystal earring stickers and piercings, A4 acrylic portrait display

photos: Ivan Murzin


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Friday 5, 2021 – print edition

“Minimal stotternd” by Christoph Schütte

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BIOGRAPHY – David Moser

Born 1993 in Zurich, Switzerland living and working in Frankfurt am Main


2018 – Hochschule für Bildende Künste – Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main

2014 – 2018 Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, Berlin


2019 “Ich bin Sandra”, Printer fault press




2021 “Fix”, JeanClaudeMaier, Frankfurt am Main

2020 “Untitled”, Wein&Co, Zurich

2019 “T”, Johanne, Frankfurt am Main

2017 “Untitled”, Upstairs at €rix, Berlin


2020 “Covid Dairies” Lovaas Projects, Munich

2018 “The Axial Line” PS120, Berlin

2018 “Side effects”, Bayer Kultur, Leverkusen

2018 “Dotland II“ Peninsula, Old West Cigarette factory, Berlin