Christian Piper Just for Now

Christian Piper – Just for Now

Dauer der Ausstellung: 20. Februar bis 28. März 2016


PRIVATEOFFSPACE zeigt im Februar/März 2016 eine Retro-Perspektive von Christian Piper, der in den 70-igern als Illustrator bei den legendären Push Pin Studios in New York City begann. Seine fotografisch künstlerischen Arbeiten schafften es auf die Titelcovers von Time Magazine, The New York Times, Vogue, Graphis und Plattencovers der Rolling Stones (MoMA Sammlung). Seine Malerei findet sich weltweit in zahlreichen Privatsammlungen.

Duration of Exhibition: February 20 until March 28, 2016

During February and March 2016 PRIVATEOFFSPACE is showing a survey of works in photos, drawings and paintings by Christian Piper from his time in Soho-Brooklyn- Kreuzberg-Görlitz. Christian Piper started his career as graphic designer in the 70s at the legendary Push Pin Studios in New York City. His photos and artistic works have been featured as covers in the Time Magazine, The New York Times, Vogue, Graphis and on Rolling Stones covers (MoMA collection). His paintings are part of major private collections worldwide.


born in 1941 in Oels, near Breslau

1964 -1967 Kunstschule Aachen

1967-1970 Folkwang University

1971 Moved to New York City

2005 Moved to Berlin

2010 Moved to Goerlitz

died in October 2019 in Eisenach, Germany

Awards - Commissions - Collections

1971 Folkwang Förderpreis

1980 Gold Award Art Directors Club Chicago

1988 Century City Gallery, Los Angeles

Commissions and publications: New York Times, Rolling Stones, Picture Newspaper, Vogue, Issey Miyake, Parco Publishing Tokyo, Idea Magazine Tokyo, Graphis New York/Zürich, Atlantic Magazine

Represented in private collections worldwide: Florida, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Munich, Mallorca, New York City

Museums: Moma – NYC, Hall of Fame – Minnesota, Rolling Stones Museum – San Francisco, Landesmuseum Münster Westfalen