Entries by Jean-Claude Yves Maier

When he spoke to the birds they turned to stone by Mariana Hahn (November 8 – December 11, 2019)

The solo exhibition by international performance artist MARIANA HAHN includes drawings, installations and a video. The exhibition deals with different perspectives of forms of archiving and the transmission of knowledge and information by taking knowledge into a pre-linguistic state from where its further translation can be renegotiated.

Des points de départs – Points of Departure (March 1 – April 28, 2019)

The group exhibition title is inspired by a comment (attributed to Pierre Hughe) on the exhibition making “not as a resolution, not as a happy ending of production, but as a point of departure.” The show features works from different work phases providing an access to the artists´ positions. All of them are multi-media artists and prior to the group show had solo exhibitions at the space. Artists: THEO ALTENBERG, IMMANUEL BIRKERT, ONUR GÖKMEN, SOFIA GOSCINSKI, ADELINA IVAN, SHAUN MOTSI, ATT POOMTANGON, ALEXANDER TILLEGREEN