some thing, no thing by Valentina Knežević (April 8, 2016)


The screening of  Valentina Knežević´s video work was intended as a starting point to discuss about the vanishing separation of video art, cinematography, documentary, short and art film.

The introduction of video in the 1960s radically altered the progress of art. Developed as an art form, video art has become one of the most influential genres of 20th century art. With the beginning of the 21st century the separation of video art, cinematography, documentary, short film and art film seems almost abolished. We would like to discuss why this separation has disappeared and where are we now? Why more and more artist like Omer Fast, Steve McQueen, Julian Schnabel, Anton Corbijn are creating feature movies? Further we would like to discuss how theater, film and video art mutually influence and complement each other.

About the artist: Before her studies at Städelschule, Valentina Knežević graduated in Theater, Film and Media Studies from Goethe University in Frankfurt. Her interest in theater and film is present in her video works. She explores the relationship between theater, film and fine arts. The point that connects them is the direction that she is following in her work. Within her art practice she gives them the same importance. This is also reflected in her video work „some thing. no thing“ which is going to be shown during Nocturnes evening. Knežević has been working closely with director of photography Ivan Marković on her last two video works. Marković´s work was shown on festivals like Berlinale, Venice Film Festival and upcoming Cannes Film Festival. The collaboration continues on Knežević´s next project „Voiceover“ – with which she goes even deeper into film language – mixing elements of documentary and fiction film.

Participants: Beckers Anita – gallery owner & co-founder of Blink Video, anonymous private film lover, Demetja Adela – independent curator, Knežević Valentina – artist, the host, Pisapia Francois – artist, Von Schwanenflug Eckart – urbanist & redevelopment (real estate)

Über die Nocturnes: Das neue Format „NOCTURNES“ ist eine gemeinsam mit Künstlern entwickelte Präsentations- und Diskussionsplattform für Bewegtbildarbeiten, die in loser Folge stattfinden wird. Mit der neuen Präsentationswand in den privaten Galerieräumlichkeiten hat der PRIVATEOFFSPACE nunmehr die Voraussetzungen geschaffen, Filme zu zeigen und am langen Tisch, der für ca. 12 Leute Platz bietet, unter Moderation zu diskutieren. Ziel der Veranstaltungen ist es nicht nur die Diskussion über Videokunst unter Experten zu fördern, sondern auch Interessierte in die Diskussion mitzunehmen.

About Nocturnes: The new format „Nocturnes“, developed together with artists, is a presentation and discussion platform for art of the moving image. With the new projection wall the private gallery has created the conditions to show films and, with the long table with room for 12 people, to have moderated discussions. The intention is to stimulate discussion on video art not only among experts but also connect with people who are interested.